ACK Students Succeed in Technological Project Competition at Maker Faire

Two groups of engineering students from ACK were awarded for winning first and third place at the Maker Faire for ‘‘Best Technological Project’.

Maker Faire is an annual event for makers to showcase their inventions and designs, and it also includes competitions for makers to compete their creations with others in various fields. This year’s Maker Faire is the fourth in the series, and included many different projects from over 12 countries.

Two groups of ACK students took part in the competition and they managed to secure first and third place while competing with 30 other projects. The project that managed to achieve first place for best technological project was “Super Capacitor Assisted Solar Hot Water System”. The project was created by students from the ACK Electrical Engineering department, and was supervised by Dr. Alireza Gheitasi, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering.  The students who worked on the project were Fatemah Al Huli, Meshal Muzaiel, and Yaqoub Al Bassam.

As for the project which received third place, it was titled “RF Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Metal Detection”. It was designed by a group of Mechanical Engineering students under the supervision of Dr. Adel Younes, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. The students that completed the project were Ala Omar, Faisal Al Mutairi, and Emad Nuaman.

ACK is very proud of its students’ achievements and would like to thank Maker Faire for giving its students such a wonderful opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Posted on Mar. 11, 2020

ACK Holds World Cancer Day Awareness Event on Campus

The Occupational Health and Safety department at ACK organized an event for World Cancer Day to raise awareness regarding early detection and preventions of cancer.

World Cancer Day highlighted the need for urgent action to increase early stage cancer detection, screening, and diagnosis to significantly improve cancer patients’ chances of survival. Taking place under the theme of “I Am and I Will,” event aimed to inspire and encourage action from individuals and to improve public awareness and access to early detection, screening, and diagnosis.

Among the key attendees to the event were H.E. Mr. Jonathan Gilbert, Australian Ambassador to Kuwait, along with representatives from Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait and Al-Seef Hospital. Representing Al-Ahli Bank was Ms. Shahad Al Ali, Assistant Manager of Elite Banking, and representing Al Seef Hospital were Anila Nair, Charge Nurse, and Jessy Vargughese, Nursing Supervisor.

Awareness sessions took place to understand cancer from a medical perspective, international; statistics, types of common cancers, risk factors and prevention approaches. These sessions were delivered by Dr. Nadia Al-Mahmoud, Consultant Family Medicine, Head of the Promotion Section of the Ministry of Health, and a member of Cancer Aware Nation (CAN).

A motivational session was also given to the audience by a cancer survivor Ms. Farah Al-Shaikh who told her inspiring story how the health promotion initiatives at the company she works for helped her with early clinical detection.

Besides the sessions with the speakers, various booths were present at the event with various offerings to encourage attendees towards a healthier lifestyle, including a booth by Diet Style with healthy snacks, a booth by CrossFit Forma, and a CAN booth which had giveaway with information booklets on cancer.

Commenting on the purpose of the event and the importance of raising awareness, Mariam Al Maraghi, ACK Health and Safety Business Development Manager, said: “Cancer may have started the fight, but we can finish it together by uniting under one voice to face one of our greatest challenges in history through positive actions, awareness, prevention, early detection, and treatment.”

Posted on Feb. 12, 2020

ACK Wins 2nd and 3rd place in KOC’s Science Innovation Competition

Two teams of engineering students from ACK succeeded in securing the second and third place in the 2nd Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Science Innovation Competition.

The competition was held on the 27th and 28th of January 2020 at Ahmad al Jaber Oil and Gas Exhibition Center, while bringing together groups of students from different universities around Kuwait to create projects which promote innovation in design and engineering.

The competition witnessed the participation of 14 team projects in total, five of which were from ACK. The second place was won by a project from the Electrical Engineering Department, while the third place was won by a project from the Petroleum Engineering Department. An awarding ceremony was held by KOC to announce the competition winners on Thursday, January 30th 2020 at Ahmad Al Jaber Oil and Gas Exhibition Center.

Second-place winning project was titled “Autonomous Garbage Collector Robot”, supervised by Dr. Alireza Gheitasi, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, and the students responsible for the project were Fatemah Al Ajmi, Hana Al Mutairi, Maryam Al Qallaf, and Shouq Al Enezy. The project which received third place was titled “Development of an Automated Drilling Fluid Mixer for Laboratory Applications”, supervised by Dr. Mortadha Al Saba, Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering, and the students who worked on it were Ali Al Amir, Hasan Al Matrouk, Nour Boshehri, Shahad Al Marhoun, and Shahad Al Saffar.

Commenting on this accomplishment, Dr. Al Saba said: “We are very proud of this achievement which shows clearly the quality and dedication of our students as well as the continuous efforts and commitments made by our faculty.”

ACK would like to thank the Kuwait Oil Company for organizing the competition and for giving its students a priceless opportunity to show their talents.

Posted on Feb. 10, 2020

ACK signs MoU with Huawei to Establish ICT Academy

ACK held a ceremony for signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Huawei Technologies Kuwait. The MoU was signed for the purpose of establishing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Huawei Academy at ACK. ACK will be the first private higher education institution to establish an ICT Huawei Academy in Kuwait.

Based on its industry leading ICT technologies and global ICT practices, Huawei has developed a full range of ICT career certifications. Huawei Technologies Kuwait aims to train students in the latest technological developments such as Big Data, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and pervasive technologies.

Through the course, students will absorb the knowledge and expertise required to benefit the society and develop solutions for potential challenges. Huawei aims to provide robust technological infrastructure and intellect to nurture future ICT leaders in Kuwait and the region as part of its support of Kuwait’s 2035 vision to create a fully connected and smart city.

Commenting on this cooperation Prof. Isam Zabalawi, ACK President, said, “We believe that ICT in general is reshaping the field of higher education for the present and the future. ACK is keen to make sure that we have the proper environment and facilities in order to prepare our graduates for the workplace. It’s a great opportunity for our students and for Huawei, as we can consider our students and our faculty as ambassadors for Huawei, not only in Kuwait but also in the region.”

From his end, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Niby, ACK Dean of the School of Engineering, commented: “This memorandum of understanding defines the guidelines of a strong cooperation with Huawei. This initial step for developing the Huawei ICT Academy at ACK will reshape and enrich significantly the ICT knowledge and skills of ACK students.”

Posted on Feb. 9, 2020