Field trip to DGCA

Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) is responsible for the operation of Kuwait International Airport. Such critical place will require high-quality communication systems and a highly qualified team to maintain it and operate it. All systems must have high availability design to serve such critical operation.

Therefore a selection of Electrical Engineering Diploma and Bachelor students have visited the wireless communication department inside DGCA. During their visit students explored how communication systems operate and experienced the professional working environment of communication engineers.

Field trip to Shagaya Solar & Wind Power Project

Shagaya Project is part of the Innovative Renewable Energy Research program and will be comprised by three main facilities, a concentrated solar power plant and two facilities for wind and PV research. A selection of Electrical Engineering Diploma students visited the site of this project and explored the different technologies used for the harvesting of clean energy.

GE-KTC Engineer Design Challenge for Kuwait Talent – 1st Edition

General Electric Kuwait Technology Center (GE-KTC) hosted the 1st Edition of an Engineering Design Challenge event for Kuwait Students. The aim of this event was to promote an innovation culture and broaden engineering acumen among students from Kuwait. A team of three Electrical Engineering Bachelor students participated to the event and were placed second in this challenge.

Seminar – Solarity United Co.

Presenter: Eng. Sulaiman Altnaib - Deputy General Manager and Solar Energy Engineer at Solarity United Company.

Location: ACK

Abstract: Kuwait’s complete dependence on oil as its energy as well as its national income source poses a number of threats to the country’s economy and its people’s lifestyle. In addition to its effects on the economy, the dependence on oil has a huge environmental impact on the country.

Further, Kuwait consumes about one-third of its oil production to generate electricity locally. Therefore, the need to find alternative sources of energy is of paramount importance.

The topics to be addressed in the seminar include, but are not limited to, several applications of Solar Energy that should be applied in Kuwait, suggestions on Energy Efficiency applications, a number of Solar Energy projects in Kuwait, a look at the effects of dropping oil prices on Kuwait’s budget, how Kuwait’s top oil export destinations are moving away from fossil fuels, air quality in Kuwait, the potential effects of Global Warming on Kuwait, and the effects of countries and carmakers moving towards electric cars on Kuwait.

This seminar not only addresses the issues, but also offers solutions. A number of Solar Energy technologies that have proven to be successful such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), among other solutions, are suggested. Financial calculations and savings that can be made by the Government of Kuwait are also mentioned.

Seminar – Dr. Arash Mehdizadeh

Presenter: Dr. Arash Mehdizadeh – Assistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department.

Location: ACK

Abstract: Stents are widely used artificial implants that provide scaffolding to any luminal cavity inside the human body. To date, recoil and re-occlusion have been the most important post-stenting side-effects. In this research, we proposed, analyzed, fabricated and evaluated an active recoil-resilient luminal support to overcome these shortcomings.

Seminar – Dr. Michel Nahas

Presenter: Dr. Michel Nahas – Assistant Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department.

Location: ACK

Abstract: The exponential growth of mobile networks and the latest research directions in cellular communications will be covered in this seminar. The main characteristics and techniques of the deployed mobile networks (2G, 3G) will be presented briefly along with the key issues. Also, the major changes and fundamental advances in new cellular systems (4G/LTE) will be considered in addition to the ongoing 4G deployment and research on future cellular networks.

Special Academic Awards

The ACK president and the Head of Electrical Engineering Department awarded the Electrical Engineering students with outstanding academic performance.

Graduation Projects Exhibition

Every semester, the graduating students present their projects in the school of Engineering graduation project exhibition. They exhibit their projects and ideas in front of academic and industrial experts from various public and private sectors.