Field trip to Azzour Power Stration

The field trip was planned to check the Ministry of Electricity and Water Azzour Plant's Minor Maintenance works. We have inspected:

Turbine Type: Siemens SGT5-F400 Class Turbine

Minor works include:

  1. Maintaining the turbine without opening the turbine using a borescope
  2. Identifying damaged ceramic tiles within the combustion chamber and marking them.

We have also interviewed the German engineers who were performing the maintenance works.

Seminar – Dr. Khalil Khanafer

The aim of this investigation was to validate the fluid structure interaction (FSI) model of type B aortic dissection with experimental results from a bench-top-model. Another objective was to study the relationship between the size of a septectomy that increases the outflow of the false lumen and its effect on the values of the differential of pressure between true lumen and false lumen. FSI analysis based on Galerkin’s formulation was used in this investigation to study flow pattern and hemodynamics within a flexible type B aortic dissection model using boundary conditions from our experimental data. The numerical results of our model were verified against the experimental data for various tear size and location. Thus, CFD tools have a potential role in evaluating different scenarios and aortic dissection configurations

Guest Speaker – Mr. John Sandford

What is project management, why do we need project managers, how are projects successfully executed? The complexities of project management are dispelled. Project management is not all that difficult providing you follow a few basic principles.

Guest Speaker – Dr. Osama Al Qabandi

Composite materials play a big role in manufacturing and its applications vary between tiny medical instruments to aerospace field.

In this seminar different types of composite materials will be investigated, as well as their implementation in the production of wind turbine blades with different manufacturing processes.

Student Conference

The conference was organized by Kuwait's Ministry of Education and geared towards students from the Gulf and wider Arab region. It took place at the Palms Resort in Kuwait February 19th – 20th, 2018.