The Petroleum Engineering department conducted many activities during the 2017- 2018 academic year that have benefited both the staff and students of ACK. The events included informative sessions like conferences, seminar, workshop, field trips, competitions and recreation activities like staff outing and health events. Some of the events and a short description of the events organized are listed below

Health day

November 2017

Petroleum students participated with their projects led by Dr. Rana Malhas, the reason of the event was to increase awareness to students to minimize the amount of waste generated (source reduction), recover waste materials, recycle and dispose of waste safely and effectively.

Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference

15 October 2017

Staffs and students of ACK petroleum engineering at the Kuwait Oil and Gas show. Networking with industry leaders, experts and professionals.

SPE ACK Chapter Election

 7th November 2017

Selecting the SPE rooster for the academic year 2017/2018

Trip to KOC “Ahmad AlJaber Exhibition” on 23rd November 2017

To explore the early history of oil exploration in Kuwait, the rise of the Kuwait Oil Company and the heroism of Kuwaiti and international firefighters in extinguishing around 700 oil-well fires ignited by the retreating Iraqi Army during the First Gulf War in 1991.

Trip to the Sulaibyia Sewage treatment plant on November 28th 2017

Trip to the Sulaibyia Sewage treatment plant. The objective of the trip was to expose student to practical application of waste water treatment processes covered in the course.

KOC Go green on 18th February 2018

Shared an awareness session KOC efforts and project towards protecting the environment at workplace and for the state of Kuwait led by Dr. Rana Malhas. ACK students won prizes for their outstanding projects as per the followings: First Place: Sadi Mohammad Arandi for Cans solar heater; Second Place: Jaber Majli for recycling vacuum cleaner; Third Place student: Farah AL-Refaie for biodegradable uniform.

Kuwait Conference of Chemistry on 12 – 14th March 2018

Improved the knowledge of Chemistry Teaching Competencies, Advance in Chemistry Education, Advance in Lab practices.

Kuwait / Japan joint symposium on 5th and 6th of February 2018

To highlight the latest technologies and scientific papers related to the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Petroleum Engineering Wafra Picnic

To take some time away from work on a weekend to enjoy a lovely barbeque.

March SPE meeting at Hilton

Improving safety of Drill pipe and drill string during drilling operations by failure mitigation.

Inter college competition – Dubai November 2017

ACK students participated in an Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition’ with Emirates Environmental Group November initiative in Dubai. The purpose of the competition was to motivate students on various environmental issues, to develop their public speaking skills, to serve as a platform for the future generations to express their concern over the fragile environment and to find ways to preserve and protect the environment. Students won certificate for their outstanding presentation.

KNPC Field Trip to Mina Abdullah

The students were taken to central control room in Mina Abdullah Refinery where they had full explanation of the process and the variables to be controlled for the refinery operations.

Recycling event with the Australian Ambassador March 2018

ACK students participated in a waste management and recycling event in the presence of Australian ambassador, to increase students awareness about solid waste management.

KNPC UOP Technical Seminar 14th-15th February 2018

The seminar was organized by the Kuwait National Petroleum Company and UOP Honeywell. Updates in the field of refining and petrochemical industry were presented including: refining and petrochemical marketing trends and improvements in refinery combustion.

KGOC Kuwait Corrosion Conference

KGOC participated in the Conference through a work paper about “Method Opted to Minimize Risk for Oil and Gas Non-Piggable Pipelines during Prolonged Shutdown Period within Partitioned Zone” discussed by colleague Tariq Kamshad, Senior Chemical Treatment and Metallurgy Engineer, and Member of NACE, Kuwait Section. This accustomed participation of Eng. Kamshad comes within 27 scientific and practical papers discussed during the Conference to exchange expertise about the management of facilities assets, pipelines, and protection services against corrosion.

Wining KOC's CEO HSSE Award

Students participated in KOC HSSE Award with Dr. Rana Malhas and KOC announced that their project titled as “Solar Can Heater” has been selected as one of the winning projects for the CEO HSSE Award - 2018.  The student’s names were Sadi Arandi and Mubarak Al Hammar.

Field Trip to Beatouna Recycling Factory 09 April ‘2018

The students were taken to Beatouna Recycling Factory where they had full explanation of the recycling solid waste process. The main reason for the trip was to Increase awareness in minimizing waste that can cause air and water pollution, Protection of the environment and health using the 3R’s; Reduce, reuse and Recycle.

Culture Day at ACK

ACK colleagues and students participated in culture event at ACK.

Khairan Trip

Trip were performed by ACK to Khairan resort center.