ACK Student Learning Stories

Shahad Naji Dawara
Management Student, Bachelor
There is a saying that says “Never give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, you cannot go wrong”. I have always reminded myself of this quote every time I study and work at ACK. As a student I have learned that not everything is centred on grades, there are many other things that we need to focus on which will lead us to the real success.

Being an ACK student has given me a lot of experience and exposure to a lot of new things since I had graduated from high school. I have graduated from Diploma in Fall 2018 as a Human Resources Management student and now I’m continuing my Bachelor in Business Management expecting to graduate in Fall 2020. My learning experience at ACK has been great; I’ve always wanted to experience new things in college and to meet new people. ACK who gave me the opportunity to do so by hiring me as a part time job student at the Teaching and Learning Centre as an Administrative Assistant which increased my skills in a professional matter and gave me a higher sense of belonging at ACK.  I also had the chance to participate in INJAZ Entrepreneurship Competition representing ACK, supervised by the Teaching and Learning Centre Manager Ms. Rola Mourdaa, which resulted in winning two awards, “Best Company of the Year 2018” and “Best Social Impact”. ACK provides an internship unit to their Diploma students; I had the chance to work as an Assistant in the Health and Safety Department which was an added value to my skills.

Being a college student is a very important phase in life it is the place that builds up your personality and the place that will prepare you for the future and make you more aware of how to have a successful path, always find love and passion in everything you do. It is my motivation every day I spend as a student at ACK.

Mahsa Rahimi
Marketing Student, Bachelor
University education is a critical component of human development. An educated person plays an important role in today’s world since the knowledge is becoming the main driver of growth worldwide. It is not only about building up the academic knowledge; it is also about building up your personality and understanding the society. ACK has offered me a great opportunity to learn these different aspects.

As a student, I believe that learning and studying is not about memorizing, it is about doing practical work. When you have the concept and idea of a subject, you need to apply it to the real world to experience how it works based on what you have learned.

At ACK, I do not only focus on classes, but also participate in different activities that help improve my studies. An example of one of these activities that I can recall was the Innovation and Entrepreneurship trip to the United Arab Emirates in 2018 that was organized by the International Office of ACK. On this trip; we met many successful entrepreneurs that are operating in different business fields. We visited innovative places and were introduced to their amazing ideas and products. This helped me understand the importance of my major, and learn how my studies are linked to the real world.Another great opportunity provided by ACK was INJAZ Entrepreneurship Program supervised by Ms. Rola Mourdaa, Manager of the Teaching and Learning Centre.

In this program, I was exposed to new experiences and different people and personalities and we were able to win the competition with two prizes. Also, I got the chance to work as a part-time student while doing my studies.On top of this, my academic achievements such as being able to be on the Dean’s List and receiving Academic Scholarships have made me more passionate and encouraged me to work harder.

I want to thank ACK for offering me all these great opportunities which is an added value to all the things I have learnt and I’m sure there are much more things to come.