English Language Program Assessment Submission Policy

English Language Program Assessment Submission Policy


The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for submission of assessments to the English Language Program.


This policy applies to all students in the English Language programs. This policy does not apply to assessments set by instructors.


  • Students are required to adhere to assessment submission deadlines. Those who do not are subject to the following grade penalties1:
    • For submissions on the due date, but after the specified time, 20% of the total marks are deducted from the mark achieved.
    • For submissions on the next calendar day, 50% of the total marks are deducted from the mark achieved.
    • Any later submissions receive 0%.

Extenuating Circumstances

  • Extension on deadlines may be granted in exceptional circumstances as dictated by the Student Attendance Policy (ACK.PL.VPAC.01) and/or Students with Disability Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.SA.02).

Collection of Assessments

  • Students are advised by instructors via email the date/time and place of submission of all assessments. Students should ONLY submit assessments directly to instructors at the designated time. Academic Administration Officers will not accept assessments from students. Electronic submissions are accepted as long as this is part of the assessment submission requirements and a hardcopy is also provided.


  • Assessment: Is the process by which all gradable work that a student is required to complete to provide a record of achievement or competence in a unit.
  • Submission: Is the action carried out by students of submitting a completed assessment for an assessment result and feedback.



  1. Instructors inform students of the mark achieved both before the penalty deduction and after.

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