English Language Program Students Taking OOPT Examination Policy

English Language Program Students Taking OOPT Examination Policy


This policy sets the guiding principles for English Language Program students taking the OOPT examination.


The scope of this policy covers all English Language Program students.


  • Any student registered in English Language Program is eligible to take the OOPT examination for the purpose of moving to the higher level or skipping English levels.
  • Taking the OOPT examination is optional and based on the request of the student.
  • It is a student’s responsibility to check his/her ACK email account and register on time for the OOPT examination at the Admissions Unit prior to the scheduled OOPT examination date.
  • At the time of registering for the OOPT examination, a student must pay the associated fee of KD 25 at the Registration Unit Counter.
  • If a student does not achieve a sufficient OOPT score to move to a higher level, or skip an English level or gain entry into a Diploma, he/she will remain in the ACK English 1, ACK English 2 level according to his/her progress.


  • OOPT: Refers to the Oxford Online Placement Test.1



  1. https://www.oxfordenglishtesting.com

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