Academic Plan

What is an Academic Plan?

An Academic Plan is designed to aid students and their academic advisors in determining which degree requirements have been met, and the requirements that still need to be completed.

The Academic Plan is also designed to ensure students register in the correct units required for graduation.

An Academic Plan is not an official statement of work completed at ACK. The transcript is the official record of a student’s academic work.

Why you should register using your Academic Plan only

  • The fastest mode for online registration is through your Academic Plan.
  • Registering this way will help prevent you from registering in a course that will not fulfill a requirement in your program.
  • If you are unsure of how to register using your Academic Plan, click here to view the ‘how to’ video.

Understanding an Academic Plan

As a registered student, you can log into PowerCampus, view your Academic Plan and check progress towards your qualification at any time. 

The following is a summary of how to understand the symbols and information displayed on your Academic Plan.

– Your curriculum code, the number of units required, the number of units completed and the number of units not yet completed.

Under the Status column:

B – You have completed this unit.

C – You are currently registered in this unit.

D – You have not yet taken this unit.

Under the Sequence column:

E – The numbers 001, 002, 003 and 004 will appear.  These are the semesters the unit belongs to.

001 is Semester 1

002 is Semester 2

003 is Semester 3

004 is Semester 4

F – you need a passing grade to complete the unit.

G – the unit is required to be completed to obtain your qualification.