GPA Calculation


The semester and cumulative GPA is obtained through the following procedure:


  1. Multiply the credit hours for each course by the corresponding grade points merited in each course to get the honor points;
  2. Add all the honor points to get the total;
  • Divide the total honor points by the total number of attempted credit hours during the course of semester (for Semester GPA) or for the duration of study since the first semester of enrollment in the program (for cumulative GPA).
Credits Transfer (CT) courses from other institutions are not included in computing a student’s GPA.


A student’s GPA is calculated separately for Diploma and Bachelor programs and will include grade points earned during a Summer semester if the student has taken studies in ACK during Summer. GPAs are not calculated for English Language program.


GPA Requirements for Graduation

In order to pass a unit, a student must obtain at least a grade of D.


A student must pass all units and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 (“C”) at the time of graduation to graduate from a Diploma or Bachelor program.