Online Registration

At the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) a person is considered a registered student upon full completion of the enrollment process including online registration in one or more units during the advertised registration period.

Period for registration

The period for registration is published on the Important Dates (çinsert as a link) webpage.  Continuing students (including students granted a Leave of Absence in the previous semester) are expected to register during the advertised registration period.  Regardless of how a student’s tuition fees are funded, it is a student’s responsibility to complete the registration process by the advertised deadline.

Before registering

A student placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation is prevented from taking a full-load and must meet with his/her Academic Advisor to discuss his/her registration.  A student who has been granted approval to change major should obtain a copy of his/her new Diploma or Degree Course Outline from the ACK website.

New and transfer students are offered workshops during the Orientation period on how to use the online registration system.  Students are informed of the dates for the workshops by Student Affairs upon collection of their offer letter and are expected to complete their registration on these dates.

All students, (apart from those placed on Academic Warning or Probation), must register in a full-time load.  For PUC Scholarship holders, registering in a full-time load is also a mandatory PUC requirement.

Securing a place

To secure a place for an Academic Semester or Summer Semester, it is a student’s responsibility to:

  • Clear any Academic Holds (Stop Lists) prior to registration.
  • Check that he/she can login to the Student Portal and, if issues arise, notify ACK IT immediately.
  • Pay the Registration Fee prior to registration (self-funded students only).
  • Complete the registration process during the nominated period.
  • Register in the correct units according to their Academic Plan.
  • Read information provided by the relevant School/Department relating to unit/class registration.
  • Immediately notify ACK IT staff of any technical issues preventing online registration.
  • Read all emails sent by the Registration Unit and follow instructions provided.

Online Registration quick tips

1. Check for any Holds (Stop List).

2. Pay in advance the required Registration Fees

Self-funded students only:
Diploma and Degree KWD 750
English Language KWD 1,000
(For NBK cards, online payment is limited to KWD 1,000 per day)

3. Use only your personalized Academic Plan for online registration, not the Search button.

4. Make sure the section you are choosing is OPEN and has the green “Open” icon:

5. Sections with no seats available will have the red “Closed” icon (regardless of the number of available seats)

6. Pay attention to the color of the units in your schedule
If Blue, the units are registered.
If Green, the units are in the cart but you are NOT YET REGISTERED in the units.