Student ID Card

At the time of registration, ACK students are issued with an official Student Identification (ID) Card.  The Student ID Card includes the student’s picture, name, student ID number, School/Department and date of issue.


The College Code of Conduct requires that the ID must be worn and displayed at all times when students are on campus.


Presentation of the Student ID Card is required by the Admissions and Registration Department for access to records and services.


To provide the safest possible environment for all students and staff at ACK, the official Student ID must be presented at the gate and access will not be allowed without proper identification.


At any time, lecturers/instructors have the right to refuse entry into any class or other student activity if a student is not wearing their Student ID card.  Students are not allowed to undertake any test or examination unless they produce their Student ID.


Student ID card and College Withdrawal

When a student elects to completely withdraw from the College, s/he must hand in their ACK Student ID card with the completed College Withdrawal Form.


I have lost my Student ID card, how do I order a replacement?

Replacement Student ID cards are available; however, there is a fee of KWD 10.  If a replacement is necessary, the fee (cash or K-Net) should be paid at the Registration Unit counter (Ground Floor, Building 1) and then the receipt presented to the Student Services Department (Ground Floor, Building 1) for processing of a replacement card.