TWIMC Letters

TWIMC (To Whom It May Concern) Letters

There are two main types of letters:  Standard and Customized.  The information contained in each type of letter is outlined in the To Whom It May Concern Letters Policy (çadd as a link to policy) (ACK.PL.AR.235).


At the time of making the To Whom It May Concern Letter request, students can request PUC endorsement of their letter.


TWIMC letters will be issued as follows:


Nature of Letter


Ø Driving License

Ø Enrolment

Ø Residency

New registered students: From first day of classes at beginning of each semester.


Continuing registered students: Anytime.

Ø Not Enrolled

Not registered students: Anytime.

Ø Letter of Completion

Two weeks after release of final grades.


Note:  It is the College’s policy to only issue ‘To Whom It May Concern’ (TWIMC) letters on request from students.  We will not provide a TWIMC letter directly to third parties without a student’s consent to do so.


Situations that will prevent the issuing of a TWIMC letter

  • Any type of Hold (Stop list)


What are the fees for a TWIMC letter?

The non-refundable fees assigned to each type of letter are:


Standard Enrollment letter


Standard Non Enrollment letter


Standard Letter of Completion letter


Customized “To Whom It May Concern” letter



How can I order a TWIMC letter?

If you are a current student or fresh graduate you can order a TWIMC letter transcript through the Registration Online Services (çadd as a link) and pay the associated fees.


Alternatively a TWIMC letter may be ordered from the Registration Unit counter, after paying the associated fees.


When will my TWIMC letter be ready for collection?

Standard TWIMC letter

Three (3) working days

Customized TWIMC letter

Five (5) working days

PUC endorsement of TWIMC letter

Fourteen (14) working days


How will I know my letter is ready for collection?

A notification will be sent to a student’s ACK official email account when the requested letter is ready for collection.


For how long is a TWIMC letter valid?

The validity of the “To Whom It May Concern” letter is three months from the date of issuing.