Updating Your Personal Information

Keep your personal information up-to-date

It is a student’s responsibility to make sure personal information is always current.


Telephone contacts

At times the College may need to contact students via phone.  It is the responsibility of each student to update their contact numbers including mobile, home and parent’s number.  Students can update this information through the ACK Portal or by visiting the Registration Unit counter.


For instructions on how to change a phone number through the ACK Portal, visit Edit my phone number.


Civil ID

It is the responsibility of each student to provide the College with a copy of his/her current Civil ID.


Students with expired Civil IDs on their file will experience delays in matters such as graduation.


Students can provide a copy of a current Civil ID in one of two ways:

  1. In Person: Present the Civil ID in person at the Registration Unit counter (Ground Floor, Building 1).
  2. By Email: Scan a copy of the Civil ID and send to registrationunit@ack.edu.kw.