Withdrawal from a Semester

Students may apply to withdraw from a semester without academic penalty from the first day of classes until the end of Week 12 of the Academic Calendar in the respective semester.  Withdrawal from a semester for a PUC sponsored student is subject to approval of the PUC.


Students are responsible to meet with their Academic Advisors in a timely manner to discuss the implications and complete the necessary Semester Withdrawal Form (çadd link).  Withdrawn semesters are counted towards the maximum period of completing a Program under the College progression rules.  The deadline for submitting a Semester Withdrawal Form is published on the Important Dates (çadd link).



  • Any “Incomplete” grade from a previous semester is changed to fail if not completed within the required timeframes announced by the College.
  • Students acknowledge that withdrawal from a semester may impact their ability to complete their studies within the required time frames.
  • Withdrawn semesters are counted towards the maximum period of completing a program under the College progression rules.
  • A student is not eligible to withdraw from a semester if there is an ongoing disciplinary investigation involving him/her.


Will a grade appear on my transcript?

A GPA neutral grade of “W” is noted on student transcripts for courses withdrawn up to the end of Week 12.  Withdrawal after Week 12 will result in fail grades.  Ceasing to attend, notifying an instructor, or non-payment of tuition, does not constitute an official withdrawal and will result in fail grades.


Can I withdraw from a semester if I have a scholarship?

Withdrawal from a semester may affect a student’s scholarship status and inquiries should be directed to the Scholarship Unit.

Do I still have to pay fees for the withdrawn course?

For details regarding the financial obligations associated with withdrawing from a course, students should refer to the Withdrawal Policy (ACK.PL.AR.212).


When I return for the next semester, do I have to come to the College to register in my courses?

Student accounts are kept active to allow for registration in the following semester.  It is a student’s responsibility to check the Online Registration period published on the Important Dates (çadd link).