Growmore E-BookStore

The Australian College of Kuwait is committed to enhance the experience for all students, faculty, staff, and the public by creating an environment that contributes to everyone’s success during their time at ACK.

ACK’s e-bookstore is operated by one of Kuwait leading publication companies; Growmore Leasing Innovations Company. Growmore is the biggest Higher Education Learning Resource Solution provider in the region with its presence in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE. With a network of publishers and education service providers around the world to deliver the best products and bring value education to more than 400,000 students in the region. These publishers include:

  1. McGraw Hill
  2. Pearson Education
  3. Cengage Learning
  4. John Wiley
  5. National Geographic
  6. Cambridge University Press
  7. Norton
  8. And all the publishers that are used by ACK to deliver quality content to its students.

Growmore’s e-Bookstore at ACK has always withstood its commitment to fulfilling academician's and student's expectations to enrich the learning experience. Growmore e-bookstore mainly functions to provide all course materials required by the ACK community of traditional textbooks, eBooks, and Publisher CMS. The bookstore does not only contain course material indeed, the bookshop avails for individuals all types of publications such as: novels in different genres, newspapers, magazines, comics and many more.

The ACK bookstore offers a variety of services to assist in both in academic, and non-academic matters. For more information, please visit Growmore website: