Hazard Reporting Procedure

Hazard Reporting Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to set process and responsibilities for internal reporting of health and safety hazards, which occurs at ACK operational area or related to ACK activity.


This procedure applies to Reporting hazards found on ACK.


  • The observer is responsible for immediate reporting of the hazard to H&S Department no matter how small or big by:
    • Dialling extension 6666.
    • Sending an email to health&safety@ack.edu.kw
    • Dialling the clinic using the red phones around campus
    • Visiting the Department in person.
    • Filling hazard report form (ACK.FO.HS. 12.01)
    • Filling an electronic form on the Health and Safety portal page to create hazard Reports.
  • If the report form is not completed and observer chose another channel to report the incident (verbally or by email), the following information must be provided:
    • Date and time of observing the hazard
    • Location of hazard
    • Detailed description of hazard observed
  • Once the hazard has been reported, the H&S Department will fill up the required hazard report form and start investigation process.
  • Upon completion of investigation, H&S will send requested corrective/preventive actions to concerned department to eliminate the hazard.
  • Hazard follow up will be done on set target date to ensure that the requested corrective/preventive actions have been implemented properly and efficiently.
  • A log sheet of all hazards reported will maintain status of all hazards ensuring closure of each hazard.


  • H&S: Refers to Health and Safety Department.
  • Hazard: Is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions at work.
  • Hazard Reporting: Hazard reporting process allows employees to report hazardous conditions or practices as they notice them.
  • Observer: Person who spots the hazard.


  • Hazard Reporting Form
  • Hazard Follow-up Form
  • Hazard Reporting Log

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