Health and Safety Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure

Health and Safety Incident Reporting Policy and Procedure


This procedure intends to set process and responsibilities for internal reporting of health and safety incidents, which occurs in ACK operational area or related to ACK activity.


  • This policy and its related procedure outlines the mandatory steps required for the reporting and investigation of incidents that take place at ACK.
  • This policy & procedure applies to the ACK staff, students, visitors and contractors.


  • It is a requirement to report all incidents, accidents and near misses to the H&S Department.
  • The observer should take reasonable measures to contain the incident preventing further damage or harm.
  • If observer does not endure the adequate knowledge to handle the incident, observer should not take any action, but rather consult immediate supervisor or H&S Department.
  • The observer is responsible for immediate reporting of the incident to H&S Department.


  • Incidents no matter how small or big inform H&S Department by:
    • Dialling extensions 4095, 4228.
    • Sending an email to health&
    • Dialling the clinic using the red phones around campus.
    • Visiting the Department in person.
    • This procedure entails an incident report form which can be used to report your incidents.
    • There is an electronic form on the Health and Safety portal page to create incident reports.
  • If the report form is not completed and observer chose another channel to report the incident (verbally or by email), the following information must be provided:
    • Name of incident observer
    • Occupation of incident observer
    • Date and time of incident
    • Date and time reported
    • Location of incident
    • Detailed description of facts
    • Immediate correction taken
  • Once the incident has been reported, the H&S Department will fill up the required incident report form and start investigation process.
  • Upon completion of investigation and root cause analysis, H&S will send requested preventive/corrective actions to ensure no re-occurrence happens in future of the incident. Lessons learned will also be communicated to relevant personnel.
  • Incident follow up will be done on set target date to ensure that the requested preventive/corrective actions have been implemented.
  • A log sheet of all incidents reported will maintain status of all incidents ensuring closure of each incident.
  • Note: Incidents involving car accidents and/or fire/emergency are handled by Security Department as per Security Incident Report Procedure (ACK.PR.SEC.11). Observer should report to and consult Security Department regarding these types of incidents.


  • Incident: An incident is an unplanned, undesired event that hinders completion of a task and may cause injury or other damage.
  • Near miss: Near misses describe incidents where, given a slight shift in time or distance, injury, ill-health or damage easily could have occurred, but didn’t this round.
  • Accident: An undesired event or sequence of events causing injury, ill-health or property damage.
  • H&S: Refers to Health and Safety


  • Incident Report Form (available on H&S portal)
  • Incident Investigation Form
  • Incident Follow-up Form
  • Incident Log

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