Community Outreach Programs


The Health & Safety Department will further extend its outreach initiatives by strengthening its external business relationships to adopt the concept of health and safety awareness and promotion community outreach. This approach mainly strives to provide (1) safety site inspections for external entities and/or (2) deliver awareness sessions and safety education that primarily focus to improve healthy behaviors and prevent or reduce employee work related injuries and illnesses of the external organizations. By extending this concept in this way - taking it beyond the walls of the College and connecting with external entities – the workplace health awareness sessions delivered, and/or the safety site inspections and audits offered can contribute to the College’s market value and maintain the College’s positive reputation in the local community of being a safe, secure, and healthy work environment.

Departmental goals reached through this program:

  • Goal 1 Safety: We work on making safety and welfare not a program but rather a philosophy.
  • Goal 3 Awareness: Continually increase the knowledge and skills set of our faculty, staff and students on different topics related to health and safety.


OUTREACH PROGRAM: The Public Authority for Housing Welfare

A Health and Safety Management System involves the introduction of processes designed to decrease the occurrence of injury and illness in the employer’s operation. Successful implementation of the system requires management commitment to the system, effective allocation of resources, and a high level of employee participation. The scope and complexity of a Health and Safety Management System will vary according to the size and type of workplace.

In coordination with The Public Authority for Housing Welfare and as part of the Australian College of Kuwait community outreach programs, the ACK Health & Safety Department shared their experience and milestones in building an effective health and safety management system for the College. The Department shared key elements of the College’s health and safety program, safety plans, risk control measures, and shared ACK's COVID-19 safety monitoring system.


OUTREACH PROGRAM: Kuwait Industrial Union

In coordination with Kuwait Industries Union, The Australian College of Kuwait’s Health & Safety Department delivered a training course titled ‘Health & Safety at The Workplace’ hosted virtually on Monday, March 8th, 2021, as part of Kuwait Industries Union’s training plan under the project titled ‘the industrials. This project is to train and qualify fresh graduates for workplaces in the industrial sector with a variety of tools and skills in different areas and health & safety was one of them.

The training encompassed background on workplace health & safety, laws and regulations governing workplace health & safety, elements of a health & safety program at work and helped fresh graduates to learn basic tools and mechanisms to identify workplace risks and hazards and propose control measures to lower the risk of those identified hazards in accordance with the hierarchy of control pyramid. 60 delegates attended this virtual training.


OUTREACH PROGRAM: Kuwait American School

The Health and Safety Department at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) visited the Kuwait American School (KAS) to assist in preparing their campus and facilities according to the health and safety protocols for the return of their students.

ACK’s initiative with KAS was initiated by conducting a safety audit of the school campus and developing a comprehensive guide booklet for them with all the needed health, safety, and security protocols for the school to adopt for anticipated students return to school campus in September 2021.

On another note, ACK’s journey with COVID had many milestones and landmarks including being the first College to have students on campus to continue practical sessions in 2020. The setup for these practical classes took a lot of preplanning, safety auditing and effort to embed all the needed protocols ensuring the risk of cross-infection is minimal.

The implemented strategy resulted in the success of their efforts, hence, the College wanted to take that experience and learning curve of having students on campus at a time of COVID and help assist schools in preparing their campuses with all the needed health, safety, and security protocols.