At ACK, the health and safety of students, staff and visitors are of highest importance. Accordingly, the college has documented policies and procedures in place to ensure the safest possible environment for all activities.



The Occupational Health and Safety Department is the coordinating center within the college to determine health and safety standards and practices, raise awareness and provide relevant training sessions, monitor activities and when necessary, respond to any situation. Health and Safety can never be taken for granted and it is the responsibility of all on campus to act in a way that keeps everyone safe and to immediately report any hazardous condition. Some of our roles and responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Daily safety inspections of campus buildings and grounds
  • Food outlets and vending machines safety inspections
  • Safety monitoring of workshops and labs
  • Providing medical assistance on campus
  • Providing trainings such as handling medical cases in classrooms and working safely protocols for our ACK community.
  • Clinical and medical equipment inspections (e.g., integrity of wheelchairs, inspecting first aid kits, cross-checking thermal camera variables).



The most visible presence of the Health and Safety Department is the ACK Clinic which is staffed by a doctor and nurses, with separate treatment rooms for females and males. The Clinic is open from early morning until late in the evening and upon request for special occasions such as college sporting and other events. There is an emergency response vehicle for use if needed.



The late Founding Chairman, Mr. Abdullah Al Sharhan, continuously emphasized that his vision was for ACK to be a vibrant campus with a priority of “enabling human potential within a culture of care”. This care is evidenced inside and outside the classroom through various measures including a college-wide focus on health and safety.



It is easy to take our health and safety for granted and perhaps even ignore something that is hazardous until an accident happens, and a person is seriously injured. How many times have we placed an extension cord across the floor even though we know that people will have to walk over it? What if they are carrying some books and fail to notice the cord until it is too late, and they trip? Health and Safety should be an automatic part of our thinking and reaction, wherever we are. If someone else becomes injured because we failed to remove or report a hazard, their suffering was caused in part by us.



The ACK Health and Safety Department uses a range of different proactive means to raise awareness regarding health and safety across the campus. Some of these approaches include:

  • Healthy Living Tips visual image on the outside of the cafeteria building.
  • Side by side pictures of healthy and unhealthy lungs in all classrooms to send out the strongest possible message regarding the physical effects of smoking.
  • Health and Safety instruction sheets prominently displayed in all workshops and laboratories to provide information regarding potentially hazardous situations and emergency first aid treatment.
  • Coordination of the ACK Healthy Living Committee which is open to all students and staff who are interested to organize and promote healthy living activities.



To raise awareness of health and safety in a positive and engaging way, the ACK Healthy Living Committee was established as a coordinating team that is open to all students and staff for the purposes of organizing and promoting health and safety initiatives. Major ongoing activities of the Healthy Living Committee include ACK Health Days held on campus each semester; annual blood donation drive again on campus, and the smoking awareness campaign involving visits to local schools.



In addition to voluntary involvement by many students in various healthy living activities, both the Schools of Engineering and Business have linked student learning and assessment to health and safety campaigns. For instance, students undertaking the Event Management Course within the School of Business are required each semester to plan, organize, conduct, and review a major health and safety awareness event that is open to all students, staff, and their family members. Accordingly, even young children attend and therefore, the various activities must be both engaging and safe. This experience is a very practical means for students to learn first-hand the importance of carefully anticipating any type of health and safety considerations they might face and how to minimize risk of possible injury. Healthy living is an umbrella goal that includes diet, fitness, physical and emotional wellbeing, habits and a respect for others and the environment. Accordingly, the awareness activities organized by the ACK Healthy Living Committee have been very diverse.