Leave of Absence Policy

Leave of Absence Policy


The purpose of this document is to establish a clear policy for students who are seeking a leave of absence from their studies in the College.


This policy applies to eligible ACK students and processed administered by relevant ACK personnel.


  • Any continuing student at ACK may apply to take a leave of absence up to two semesters without having to reapply for admission. New students who are due to start their first semester of study in the College are not eligible for a leave of absence.
  • Applications for a leave of absence must be made through the Deanship of Admissions and Registration by a Leave of Absence Form (ACK.FO.AR.205.01) before the first day of classes. Late submissions are not accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the appropriate College procedures and abide by the required timelines.
  • Students are responsible to inform themselves of the academic and financial implications of taking a leave of absence. Students should always contact their Academic Advisors before initiating a request for leave of absence to discuss the implications of their decision.
  • All leave of absence requests must be approved by the relevant Head of Department and the Dean of School. Requests from sponsored students also need the approval of the relevant sponsor. Students should continue their registration as normal until all required approvals have been formally granted.
  • Students need to clear all outstanding amounts owed to the College and remove all holds on their records before submitting an application for leave of absence.
  • A student is not eligible to apply for a leave of absence if there is an ongoing disciplinary investigation involving him/her.
  • Students seeking to take a leave of absence will need to complete all “Incomplete” grades from a previous semester within the required timeframes announced by the College. Failure to do so will result in fail grades for those courses.
  • If approved, a leave of absence will be granted for one semester only. A student may apply for leave of absence for a subsequent semester by submitting another set of required documentation before the first day of classes.
  • A leave of absence is not counted towards the maximum period of completing a program under the College progression rules.
  • Student accounts are kept active during the leave of absence to allow for registration in the following semester. Students who take a leave of absence are responsible for finalizing their registration for the following semester within the advertised registration dates. Students who fail to comply with this instruction or who do not apply to extend their leave of absence for a further semester are considered “Dormant” and will be withdrawn from the College at the end of the Census date. To resume studies in ACK, Dormant students will need to reapply for admission subject to the terms of the Readmission Policy (ACK.PL.AR.102).


  • Academic Semester (Semester): An academic semester is a Fall or Spring semester. Summer semester is optional.
  • Dormant Student: refers to a continuing student who failed to register and did not submit a Leave of Absence Form (ACK.FO.AR.205.01) or Semester or College Withdrawal Form (ACK.FO.AR.212.02) during the advertised registration period.
  • Incomplete: Grade assigned when work is not completed because of approved documented illness or other emergency. If grade I is not completed within required timelines, it is automatically changed to F (Fail).


  • Leave of Absence Form

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