Library is the core of any academic organization and the most essential area that supports the academic path and journey.

ACK Library promotes the mission of the college by serving the curricular information needs of ACK students, faculty and staff, and where possible, their broader needs for knowledge and information.

The Library anticipates and strives to utilize innovations in education and technology, and responds to the evolving curriculum. The efforts of every member of the Library staff are committed to the ultimate objective of providing the highest possible quality of service.


ACK Library Services

The Library facilitates access to information and materials through the provision of a wide variety of services. The Library provides an environment conducive and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) by providing electronic resources, computers, printers, scanners and the needed software to every patron which makes it a perfect Electronic Learning Center (ELC) in addition to study and reading facilities. The Library teaches students to find information independently so they may perform their tasks as well-informed members of society.

ACK Library resources are available online for students and staff on and off campus. The Library Officers provide assistance to all students and staff in using the paper collection and electronic resources available.


Ask a Librarian

For inquiries or questions, please contact us via Library email:, ACK Library’s Live chat on EDS

“ACK Library is always keen to develop and deliver the best services to ACK Community!”
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