Head of Department Welcome Message

Dr. Fadi Al-Khatib

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at ACK. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. A degree in Mechanical Engineering open doors to a wide range of career choices. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with core and specialized Mechanical Engineering discipline knowledge together with practical skills required to launch into a professional career.

The department has diverse, highly qualified faculty members with extensive levels of expertise over a broad range of subject areas. Our faculty members strive to produce graduates at the highest level that are capable of facing the constantly changing and challenging demands of the industry.

Our graduates are prepared for positions as mechanical technologists and technicians for the industry (including the oil and gas sector) in engineering related areas such as automotive component design, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), energy systems, process & component design, product development, technical support & sales. Students receive hands-on experience using the industrial equipment in the Department’s state of the art laboratories as they develop skills in problem solving, written, oral communication and computing. These abilities can then be further applied in the design, analysis, development, implementation and control of mechanical systems.

The ACK model of teaching is differentiated by its Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach that enables students to work closely with the industry to explore project topics throughout Bachelor program. The goal of this approach is to produce graduates with significant integrated technical and professional knowledge, and competencies that prepare them for prospective pursuits in education and career growth.