Network and Web Usage Policy

Network and Web Usage Policy


To establish rules, procedures and guidelines for ACK computer resources, network and technology facilities use.


ACK offer its staff access to computer network and the Internet. This Policy applies to all staff, faculty, students, and guests granted network and Internet access by ACK.


  • ACK offers access to its network and Internet system for business and educational purposes only. If you are unsure whether an activity constitutes appropriate use, consult with the IT or Support Services Departments.

Banned Activity

  • Using, transmitting, receiving, or seeking inappropriate, offensive, vulgar, suggestive, obscene, abusive, harassing, belligerent, threatening, defamatory (harming another person’s reputation by lies), or misleading language or materials.
  • Revealing personal information, such as the home address, telephone number, or financial data of another person or yourself.
  • Making ethnic, sexual-preference, or gender-related slurs or jokes.
  • Engaging in illegal activities, violating the “Employee Handbook”, or encouraging others to do so. Examples:
    • Selling or providing substances prohibited by ACK’s employment policy or the Employee Handbook.
    • Accessing, transmitting, receiving, or seeking unauthorized, confidential information about clients or colleagues.
    • Conducting unauthorized business.
    • Viewing, transmitting, downloading, or searching for obscene, pornographic, or illegal materials.
    • Accessing others’ folders, files, work, networks, or computers. Intercepting communications intended for others.
    • Downloading or transmitting ACK’s confidential information or trade secrets.
  • Causing harm or damaging others’ property. Examples:
    • Downloading or transmitting copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder. Even when materials on the network or the Internet are not marked with the copyright symbol ©, employees should assume all materials are protected under copyright laws––unless explicit permission to use the materials is granted.
    • Using another employee’s password to trick recipients into believing someone other than you are communicating or accessing the network or Internet.
    • Uploading a virus, harmful component, or corrupted data. Vandalizing the network.
    • Using software that is not licensed or approved by ACK.
  • Jeopardizing the security of access, the network, or other Internet networks by disclosing or sharing passwords and/or impersonating others.
  • Employees must avoid accessing or attempting to access controversial or offensive materials. Network and Internet access may expose employees to illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or offensive materials.
  • Engaging in commercial activity. Employees may not sell or buy anything over the Internet. Employees may not solicit or advertise the sale of any goods or services. Employees may not divulge private information –– including credit card numbers and other financial data — about themselves or others.
  • Wasting ACK’s computer resources. Specifically, do not waste printer toner or paper. Do not send electronic chain letters. Do not send email copies to nonessential readers. Do not send email to group lists unless it is appropriate for everyone on a list to receive the email. Do not send organization-wide emails without explicit permission.
  • Encouraging associates to view, download, or search for materials, files, information, software, or other offensive, defamatory, misleading, infringing, or illegal content.

Confidential Information

  • Users may have access to confidential information about ACK, our staff or students, and clients. With the approval of management, users may use email to communicate confidential information internally to those with a need to know. Such email must be marked "Confidential." When in doubt, do not use email to communicate confidential material. When a matter is personal, it may be more appropriate to send a hard copy, place a phone call, or meet in person.


  • Network and Internet access is provided as a tool for ACK’s business. ACK has the legal right to monitor usage of the Network and the Internet, using the least intrusive method available. When monitoring is deemed necessary, employees will be notified of management’s decision to monitor, and will be provided with details of what is being monitored, why and how.

Consequences of Violations

  • A violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


  • Internet: The world wide connection of computer networks which provides a number of services to users including the transmission of electronic mail, provision of information on the World Wide Web and transfer of files.
  • Internet Service: The service by which ACK provides access to the Internet, including wired, wireless, mobile services and data network solutions.



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