Parking Lots for Special Needs Students/ Staff Policy and Procedure

Parking Lots for Special Needs Students/ Staff Policy and Procedure


The purpose of this document is to set the rules and guidelines for granting special parking lots for eligible individuals.


This document applies to physical special needs and temporary disabled students, staff and visitors.


  • Special needs parking is available at ACK in convenient places located on the shortest accessible route of travel from nearby parking to an accessible entrance or exit.
  • Special needs parking lots will only be granted to special needs students/ staff with card from ministry of health and temporary injured lower limps individuals with approved medical reports.


  • Special needs parking spaces shall be designated as reserved by a sign showing the symbol of accessibility for special needs parking.
  • Accessible parking spaces shall be at least 25-meter square wide. Parking access aisles shall be part of an accessible route to the building or facility entrance.
  • Passenger loading zones shall provide a distance between the outer limits of the passenger car or any other car at least 160 cm.
  • Convenient slopes are designed to help the disabled passengers to reach their vehicles and are set up as close as possible to the accessible parking spaces.
  • Sloping sidewalks shall be provided to facilitate the movement of the passengers from the surfaces of sidewalks.
  • Standard dimensions of the disabled car parking:
    • A minimum distance of 150 cm shall be provided along the devoted place for the disabled passenger.
    • Sidewalks and car parking shall be stable, firm and slip-resistant.
    • Adjacent to the sidewalk parking lots considered dangerous to disabled passengers.
    • It should be taken into consideration to determine the net height for the parking when designing covered car parking to enable the ease of access of the disabled passengers’ vans that comes with special elevators for the wheelchairs users.
  • A staff / student with a temporary or permanent disability placard, sticker or license plate may park in parking lots or designated special needs parking spaces (blue zones) after providing the following documents:
    • Anyone with a permanent disability or chronic health condition requiring special parking should apply for special needs parking at ACK.
    • Medical report in which states that the student has a temporary or permanent disability in which does not permit the student to walk for 200 feet or less without rest or use of aide needs to be provided along with the filled application.
    • The medical report needs to be checked and authenticated by ACK clinic. After approval by ACK Doctor the student will be granted a blue zone parking spot located at the nearest ACK exit doors.


  • Special Needs: the educational requirements of pupils or students suffering from any of a wide range of physical disabilities and medical conditions, including, blindness,
  • Physical disability: is a limitation on a person's physical functioning, mobility, dexterity or stamina. Other physical disabilities include impairments which limit other facets of daily living, such as respiratory disorders and blindness.
  • Disability: The lack of competent physical and mental faculties; the absence of legal capability to perform an act.
  • Slope: A surface of which one end or side is at a higher level than another; a rising or falling surface.


  • Parking Lot for Special Needs student / staff Request Form
  • Parking Lots for Special Needs Students / Staff Flowcharts

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