The Petroleum Lab at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) serves major areas of Petroleum Engineering, which includes Drilling, Reservoir, Geology, Refinery and Hydrocarbon Chemistry by using laboratory facilities. Our laboratory currently houses educational equipment that represents operations found in the Petroleum industry and computer labs to help the students understand and practice the modeling and simulation of petroleum operations. The Petroleum labs are continuously being upgraded in order to improve the response to the challenges of the local industry. The available equipment has capabilities for measuring various properties of drilling mud, reservoir properties, hydrocarbon phase behavior and fluid properties, chemical and physical properties of hydrocarbons.

Drilling Engineering

  • Mud Balance helps measure the density of mud
  • Marsh funnel and rotary viscometer measures Funnel Viscosity, Plastic Viscosity, Yield Point and Gel Strength
  • Filtration characteristics of drilling fluids using the standard API Filter press
  • Sand Content Analysis using Sand Content Kit
  • Oil, water and solids content using Retort kit
  • pH measurement using pH Meter

Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

  • Rock sample preparation
  • Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) measurements using Fluid Val Equipment
  • Porosity by Saturation Method and Helium Porosimeter
  • Permeability measurement for liquid and gas using Permeameter
  • Fluid saturations measurement using Soxhlet Extractor Apparatus
  • Electrical Properties System (EPSa) measures electrical properties of rock samples
  • Relative Permeameter (BRP 30) measures relative permeability of different fluids

Hydrocarbon Chemistry

  • Measurement of Density of solids and liquids using conventional methods
  • Effect of different sugar / salt concentration on density and determining its specific gravity
  • Determining empirical formula by percent composition method
  • Molarity Determination
  • Dilution
  • Limiting and excess reagent determination
  • pH experiment to test acidity and alkalinity