Eng. Enayat Enaya

Eng. Enayat Enaya

Senior Instructor

Email: e.enaya@ack.edu.kw
Qualification: M.Sc. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering/ Kuwait University

  • Petroleum technology – Corrosion processes & control
  • Gas chromatography & separation processes
  • Air and water pollution & control     
  • Corrosion & Scale formation processes
  • The effect of scale on enhanced desalination heat transfer surfaces
  • Wastewater treatment processes (Activated Sludge Process)
  • Desalination by Reverse Osmosis

Modeling of a Thermodynamic Water Pump.

  Al-Haddad, A.A.; Enaya E.A.; Fahim M.A.” Performance of a Thermodynamic Water Pump”. Applied Thermal Engineering v16, n4, April 1996. P.321-335