The Research Strategy provides the road map for our research vision at ACK. The Strategy was developed based on the evaluation of the current research profile, ACK Strategic Plan, the potential provided by different departments of the College, and the main goals of the College as a higher education institute.

The major components of the Research Strategy are:

  1. Provide the research mission that highlights the nature, scope, and goals of envisioned ACK research profile.
  2. Provide a road map to achieve the mission.
  3. Provide the strategic goals and the mechanisms to achieve them. These goals are proposed as means to materialize the research mission and involve four dimensions: scope of research, capacity, infrastructure, and systems.


An important component of the strategy is the establishment of a governance model for ACK research. This model was developed to best fit the capabilities and structure of ACK. The model involves a Research Council overseeing all the research work as ACK, headed by the President and assisted by the Research Center Manager. The Research Council oversees the implementation of the research strategy.