Research Projects

ACK Funded Projects
Project No. PI Title Due Date Research Theme
IRC-2017/2018-ELP-PR01 Mrs. Yvonne Hodnett (English Language Program) A second generation needs analysis to design an ESP in-sessional reading/writing course for engineering students in Kuwait. December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOB-BMR-PR01 Dr. Sam Toglaw School of Business Examining the Effect of Marketing Strategies and Message Appeals on Consumer Response to Sustainable Water Management in Kuwait December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-CE-PR03 Dr. Taha Ahmed Civil Engineering Modelling the rutting behaviour of asphalt mixtures obtained by accelerating testing device using finite element (FE) method December 2018 Materials
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-CE-PR01 Dr. Ahmad Saad Civil Engineering Structural Retrofitting with Post-tensioned Cables Using Actively Controlled Mechanical Devices December 2018 Materials Mechatronics and Automation
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-EE-PR03 Dr. Mohammad Sabati Electrical Engineering Design and assembly of an automated marsh funnel for rapid measurement of apparent Viscosity, plastic viscosity, and yield point of fluids December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-EE-PR02 Dr. Majdi Alomari Electrical Engineering Improving Energy Efficiency in University Buildings Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-MT-PR01 Dr. Marziyeh Nazari Mathematics Department Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Adsorbents Tuned for High Sensitivity On-Line Detection of Micropollutants in Drinking Water December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR07 Dr. Khalil Khanafer Mechanical Engineering Economic and Technical Assessment of Additive Manufacturing Technologies December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR01 Dr. Abbas Amini Mechanical Engineering Development of novel compostable polymeric composites with GraphAne nanofillers using nanoIndentation-3D-Printing (i3D) method for smart biomedical devices and water treatment networks December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR04 Dr. Adel Younis Mechanical Engineering Biomechanical sensitivity of the knee joint after High Tibial Osteotomy December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR05 Dr. Armin Eilaghi Mechanical Engineering Image Analysis-Based Microparticle Counting in a Microfluidic Sorter for Water Pathogen Detection Applications December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR11 Dr. Wisam Al Saadi Mechanical Engineering Effect of Nanoparticles on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR06 Dr. Farhad Sabri Mechanical Engineering Design and Development of an Aeroelastic Energy Harvester by Simulation and Wind Tunnel Testing December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR10 Dr. Ahmad Sedaghat Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing a Miniature Reynolds Apparatus for Measuring Skin Friction Reduction of Nanofluids and Testing and Modeling Precipitation and Deposition of Nanoparticles on Pipe Surfaces December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR08 Dr. Malek Adouni Mechanical Engineering Associated Factors between Healing/Tear Connective Tissues/Menisci and Kneww Joint Osteoarthritis December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR02 Dr. Abbas Amini Mechanical Engineering Environmentally Friendly Nano Palette GraphAne for Water Treatment in Arid and Saline Regions (Kuwait) December 2018
IRC-2017/2018-SOE-ME-PR09 Dr. Malek Adouni Mechanical Engineering A Computational Framework for Load Mediated Cartilage Damage December 2018
Joint Research Projects with Central Queensland University, Australia
No. Proposal Title PI
1 Energy-smart materials and technologies for buildings: Development of a novel low-energy building Dr. Mohammad Sabati & Dr. Mohammad Rasul
2 Integration of Physicochemical Processes for Treatment of Oilfield Wastewater Dr. Samira Ghafoori & Dr. Shaneel Chandra
3 Novel Indoor Location Estimation method from Neighbourhood Information Dr. Mohammad Sabati & Dr. Aruna Jayasuriya
4 Review and Simulation of Crack Detection Methodologies for Industrial Applications Dr. Ahmad Sedaghat and Dr. Colin Cole
5 Development of a Framework for High-Fidelity Multi-Physics/Multi-Scale Modeling of Fuel Cells Dr. Khalil Khanafer and Dr. Preethi Preethichandra
6 Distributed fault diagnosis for power systems using signature tracking Dr. Alireza Gheitasi and Dr. Peter J Wolfs
7 A Cross-Cultural Study On How Social Media Interactions Affect Brand Attitudes And Behavioral Intentions Dr. Faidon Theofanidis and Dr. Md Parves
No. Project Title Principle Investigator Department Local Collaboration International Collaboration
1 Use of Nanoparticles to enhance coolant Fluid Performance Dr. Khaleel Khanafer Mechanical University of Guelph, Canada
2 Invention of Remote, Rugged and Self-Referencing Optical-Fiber-Chemical Sensor Chip of Water Quality Monitoring Dr. Marziyeh Nazari Mathematics KISR
3 Treatment of Oilfield Wastewater using a Hybrid Photodegradation/Membrane System Dr. Samira Ghafoori Petroleum Central Queensland University, Australia / Cape Breton Univeristy, Canada
4 Utilization of Local Waste Materials in High Performance and Self-Compacting Concrete Dr. Sayed Soleimani Civil
5 Autonomous and Portable Measuring System for Rheological Properties of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids Dr. Mohmed Sabati Electrical
6 Management of Energy Consumption in Green Buildings Using Programmable Logic Controllers(PLC's) Dr. Amin Al Ka'bi Electrical