Director of Aviation Welcome Message

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit” – Aristotle.

Capt. Abdulhammed Al Refai,
Head of Department – School of Aviation

There have been over 65 Billion passengers in the first 100 years of commercial civil aviation. The next 65 Billion are expected to take to the skies before 2030. In their latest 20-year forecast, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), an organization that represents 280 airlines and 83% of all the total air traffic, passenger numbers in 2036 alone will almost double to 7.8 Billion in comparison to 4 billion who are expected to fly in 2018.

We at ACK’s School of Aviation are honored to be Kuwait’s leading training institution in aviation related courses with over 300 students enrolled in our programs. Our current and future programs will provide learners the opportunity to build confidence, leadership and creativity in addition to developing a solid foundation in the skills and competencies required to be successful in the aviation industry.
It is my pleasure, as the Director of Aviation and on behalf of our faculty and staff, to welcome you to the School of Aviation at this exciting phase in the development of aviation globally and specifically here in Kuwait. As our student, you will develop a wide range of skills and attributes to underpin positive and critical attitudes towards change and enterprise, so as to reflect the dynamism and vibrancy of the aviation environment. Safety and environmental awareness are embedded in everything we do to prepare you for a career in aviation and/or airport related positions as a confident and articulate aviation professional and an effective global citizen.