Graduate Attributes

Professional behaviors

Based on our broad approach to employability, our graduates have developed key operational competencies and an appreciation for their application in the specific context of the aviation industry. This can be demonstrated in their up-to-date knowledge and skills and familiarity with techniques, tools, materials, devices and systems.

Communication and Teamwork Skills

We inculcate in our graduates communications, team building, leadership and motivational skills as well as an awareness of mutual interdependence within a multicultural environment so that they have the ability to work collaboratively both internally and externally with customers.

Critical Thinking

Through active collaboration with peers, highly qualified and experienced instructors and our industry affiliations, our graduates develop an appreciation and an ability to construct integrated solutions to address challenges and issues faced by the aviation sector.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Our graduates are not only competent and agile, but also dynamically fit and well poised to meet the demands of the fast expanding aviation industry both locally and internationally.

Planning & Organizational Skills

Our graduates have a well-developed readiness to accept responsibility and flexibility, to be resilient, self-starting and appropriately assertive, to plan, organize and manage time.