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Dean – School of Business

A Welcome Message

ACK School of Business offers a variety of business disciplines, such as Management, Marketing and Human Resources Management to meet the skill requirements of various public and private sector organizations as well as to provide students with training opportunities and internships.

The School of Business differentiates itself by emphasizing application with the focus on Project Based Learning. It combines classroom learning, work experience and internships which prepare our students to identify and solve real business and social problems faced by firms and communities. Throughout their studies, our students receive the support and guidance of instructors who work collaboratively with industry and community partners to deliver practical curriculum.

As ACK is a teaching institution that promotes research capacity, our students are given the opportunity to work very closely with faculty members on a wide variety of research projects, while they benefit from top quality classroom instructions. We are proud of our business faculty members as they are known for their commitments to excellence in teaching, research and service; and for their efforts in advancing human capacity and preparing our students to become future business and community leaders.

We are student centered in our programs delivery and believe that learning needs to be a positive and life-changing experience.

The School of Business strives to stimulate students to think critically, communicate effectively, utilize technology, develop problem-solving skills and behave with virtue and accountability. We are a learner-centered community of highly capable scholars who interact in a variety of formats with students. The School provides practical experiences to its students through close ties with industry and community.

Our students have access to fully equipped computer labs, open-areas, private meeting/study facilities and to full-service library. The majority of the Business faculty possesses industry and small business experience. We are passionate about our learner-centered college with a culture of care.

At ACK School of Business, we educate tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs with today’s leading management knowledge and tools. Welcome to the School of Business that prepares students to manage their success.

About the School of Business

The School of Business at ACK offers a unique and innovative curriculum to prepare students for modern business practice. We implement PBL, Project Based Learning which qualifies our graduates with practical experience. It encourages students to carry on a life-long learning process, integrate business applications within a team environment, and adopt faster interdisciplinary thinking. ACK's Business programs provide students with a solid entrepreneurial education and vast career opportunities.

Our students have access to fully equipped computer labs, open-area, private meeting/study facilities and to full-service library. We are passionate about culture of care. Our programs cover business management, marketing and communications, human resources, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Currently we offer a 2+2 system which enables our students to acquire a diploma within two years and a bachelor degree in business administration within four years. Our degrees cover:-

  • Bachelor of Business (Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Diploma of Management
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Diploma of Human Resources Management


  • To create and develop a learning environment that integrates theory and excellence in practice
  • To develop competent and motivated individuals with life-long learning skills that demonstrates excellence in practice.
  • To make significant contributions in diverse fields to Kuwait and the regional/ international community via forging and maintaining strategic partnerships with prominent international institutions.
  • To establish industry partnerships within ACK’s fields of specialization and promote commercial agreements where possible.
  • To recruit and retain best faculty and to continuously innovate teaching methods.

Career Opportunities

ACK business graduates are qualified to work in all types of companies and within a wide range of industries. They can establish their own startups with unique and innovative business ideas. Our marketing and management students can analyze the market requirements and work on strategic marketing plans to make any business or company, sustainable and profitable. Human resources graduates will be able to join any company and perform all types of human resources functions from recruitment to staff training and upgrade.