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Welcome Message By Dean - School of Engineering

Dr. Mohammed Abdul-Niby Dean - School of Engineering

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the School of Engineering at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), I warmly welcome all of you to the Engineering Graduation Projects Fall 2021 semester. I am glad to announce that this year we have decided to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary graduation projects carried out by our motivated students and faculty members at ACK. And so, it is my pleasure to invite you to visit our School of Engineering Graduation Projects Fall 2021 semester webpage.

Our target is to encourage innovation through science among the young generation as they are the nation’s future. The graduation projects presented this semester are focused on innovation at its best level. The brightest minds are working to uphold all these innovative ideas presented here to enhance Kuwait’s 2035 vision plan. We have named this event ‘2035 Kuwait Vision Plan Innovative Minds Projects’ and are delighted to present them to you in four major engineering disciplines; Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Petroleum which are crucial for Kuwait’s future industry and economic growth and development.

The graduation projects are focused on upholding the subsistence of the youth in the country on a large scale. Therefore, I invite everybody to show their support and share their perception of this creative event.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the devotion and commitment of our faculty members and staff in assisting and supporting the students throughout their academic journey. This has helped our students build strong skills and solid foundations to become dedicated and knowledgeable engineers in their society and actively contribute to building the New Kuwait.

Warm Regards,