School of Engineering Internship Program


The School of Engineering is pleased to offer an internship program where students bridge academic studies with practical experiential learning. The internship experience aims at developing awareness and the necessary skills required to fulfill the duties of an engineering position successfully. Internship increases the chances of securing employment by demonstrating the right competencies, attitude and, motivation for the job.

Internship provides students with an opportunity to:

  • Build job search and soft skills
  • Network and build contacts
  • Earn references for job search
  • Bridge classroom learning with a professional workplace environment
  • Gain professional work experience relevant to chosen field of study
  • Gain confidence

Student Testimonials

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Employer Testimonials

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Internship Awards

Contact Internship Program

Joumana Tasse 1828225 ext. 4362 Coordinator – Industrial Outreach Australian College of Kuwait (ACK)