Security Incident Report Procedure

Security Incident Report Procedure


The purpose of the procedure is to eliminate or reduce the likelihood that an incident such as unplanned or unwanted events occur on ACK campus.


This procedure applies to incidents related to security department that occur at ACK campus including thieft, evacuation, accident, incident, injury, lost and found, Miscellaneous, drug abuse, physical abuse, and car accidents.


  • Security Department handles the following incidents:
    • Thieft Incident
    • Accident / Injury Incident
    • Evacuation Incident
    • Property damage Incident
    • Lost and found Incident
    • Miscellaneous Incident
    • Drug abuse Incident
    • Physical abuse Incident
    • Car accidents
    • Fire / Emergency
  • When a request is sent to the security helpdesk or received by any other means, the security personnel will fill the Incident report (ACK.FO.SEC.11.01) to conclude the matter and follow up with the departments/ individuals that sent the request.
  • Incident report (ACK.FO.SEC.11.01) will be sent to the Security Admin to be logged in the Incident log (ACK.FO.SEC.11.02)
  • Senior Manager - Security will investigate the incident, if required other departments will be communicated to investigate the issue.
  • Once a decision has been reached the Senior Manager- Security will inform the related parties.


  • Incident: A preventable, undesired and unexpected event that results, or has the potential to result, in physical harm to a person or damage to property (loss or no loss).
  • Accident: An undesired event or sequence of events causing injury, ill-health or property damage.


  • Incident report (ACK.FO.SEC.11.01)
  • Incident log (ACK.FO.SEC.11.02)
  • Security Incident Report Flowchart (ACK.FC.SEC.11.01)

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