Student Counseling

Student Counseling

Mental health plays an important role in students’ motivation, achievement, and success. in the recent time students face many stressors academically, socially, and emotionally by maintaining wellbeing mental health the chances for success and graduation are high. Student counseling role is to assist students with emotional and social stresses to learn healthier ways of coping and dealing with stress, psychological and emotional difficulties to move ahead toward academic achievement and success by providing counseling and psychotherapy to students in need and spreading the importance of mental health wellbeing.



  • To enable students and staff to have easy access to us whenever they need psychological assistance.
  • To educate students and staff about the importance of mental health for success and well living.
  • To educate the students and staff about the symptoms of psychological disorders and how it impacts them in different live situations.
  • To encourage students and staff to seek assistance when they face psychological difficulties and to know that it is a sign of strength to face their difficulties rather than avoiding them.
  • Psychological difficulties are a normal reaction to stress, and it is ok to experience them.
  • Teaching students and staff healthy ways of dealing with emotions and stress.


Our mission is to provide confidential counseling and psychotherapy to students with emotional difficulties and psychological assist them to overcome their emotional difficulties and psychological disorders to gain a stronger mental health and be able to focus on their study, succeed and graduate.

The unit also provide confidential counseling and psychotherapy for staff to assist them to overcome their emotional and psychological disorders. Our services are two types:

  • Preventive by providing presentations and short messages through social media about psychological disorders to educate ACK community about the psychological disorders and give them access to contact us directly through phone or email.
  • Curative and developmental by providing confidential counseling sessions for students and staff. mental health wellbeing for students and staff is our goal and mission.

Our strategy is to be close to students and be familiar with them, so we always interact with students in the events where most students gather. Being around them makes it easier for them to contact us whenever they need any assistance.

Student Counseling Team
Dr. Jasem Hajih – Senior Manager – Student Counseling
EXT: 4267

Student Counseling Team
Ms. Rugaiya Al-Sharhan – Coordinator – Student Counseling
EXT: 4543