Student Locker Use Policy

Student Locker Use Policy


To set the terms and conditions for the use of lockers by ACK registered students.


Lockers are only available to ACK registered students.


Terms and Conditions of Use

  • ACK Student Recreational Activities Center provides lockers to ACK registered students upon request.
  • Lockers must be used to store legitimate belongings to facilitate scholarly activities.
  • Lockers shall be allocated to users on a first come first served basis.

Payment and Duration

  • Students must fill and submit to Student Affairs Department the Locker Lease Request Form (ACK.FO.SA.4.01).
  • A rental fee of KD 15 shall be payable at the beginning of the semester to the Finance Department. A deposit of KD 25 shall be payable at the beginning of the semester to the Finance Department. It will be refunded, at the end of the semester, upon the return of the key.
  • The rental duration of the locker is for one academic semester only.
  • Once payments are made to the Finance Department ; the Student Recreational Activities Center provides the key to the locker. The user must present the receipt in order to collect the key.

Use of Locker

  • The locker will be used by the user only.
  • The user shall not allow any other person to use the locker.
  • The locker shall not be used for storage of any materials deemed inappropriate by ACK (harmful, dangerous or illegal items).
  • In case of illegal or dangerous items being found in the locker by ACK, immediate and appropriate action will be taken by ACK in liason with the relative authority.
  • Where the user’s conduct in relation to the use of the locker is considered by ACK to be a breach of the Student Code of Conduct, they shall be subject to the provisions in the Student Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.SA.01).
  • Any personal belongings placed in the locker are entirely at the user’s own risk and ACK shall have no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred to the user’s belongings.
  • The user shall keep the locker in good and clean condition at all times and notify ACK immediately of any damage caused to the locker. In this case, the user’s deposit will not be refunded.
  • The user will notify ACK immediately if the locker key is lost or stolen. In this case, the user’s deposit will not be refunded.
  • ACK is entitled to routinely access the lockers at all times and without notice to the user for the purposes of security, maintenance and repair.
  • If the user decides to return their locker key before the end of the semester because they no longer require the use of it, the user will have no right of refund.


  • Users: for the purpose of this document means any matriculated student of ACK who, subject to the Terms and Conditions in section 6, uses a locker.
  • Academic Semester: An academic semester is a Fall or Spring semester. Summer semester is optional and not considered an academic semester.


  • Locker Lease Request Form (ACK.FO.SA.04.01)

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