Student Records Privacy Policy

Student Records Privacy Policy


The purpose of this policy is to set the principles for the collection, usage, disclosure and management of student records in Australian College of Kuwait (ACK).


This policy applies to all ACK staff and to persons acting for ACK or contracted for ACK.


General Principles and Privacy

  • ACK collects, stores and uses a broad range of information. A significant part of this information is the information of students for the purpose of facilitating a student’s educational development.
  • The College respects the privacy rights of its students and is transparent about the ways it handles all information given to it by its students, which are determined in accordance with the regulations of the State of Kuwait and in accordance with ACK’s internal policies and procedures in this regard.
  • ACK recognizes its obligations to inform the students of the existence of student records; as well as its obligations to define the purposes for obtaining information from its students; to protect, provide access to and disclose such information; and to discontinue its use when there is no longer need for retention. Accordingly, the College has developed mechanisms for the appropriate use, access, disclosure, storage and disposal of student records.

Collection of Student Information

  • ACK will collect student information only where there is a necessity for one or more of its functions or activities as a higher education institution.
  • The information needs to be collected directly from the individual to whom it relates.
  • When there is a need to collect information from students, ACK will ensure that the following is clearly communicated to the student:
    • The purpose for which the information is collected;
    • To whom the College would usually disclose this kind of information (where applicable);
    • Any law that requires this information to be collected; and
    • The consequences if the student does not provide all or part of the required information.

Use of Student Records

  • Student information upon collection is used by ACK for purposes that are essential to the provision of education, which includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Administration of Applications;
    • Enrolment;
    • Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the College and Student Experience;
    • Academic Assistance including Academic Advising and Tracking and Monitoring of Academic progression;
    • Awards, Scholarships and Bursaries;
    • Graduation;
    • The provision of Student Services; and
    • Internship.
  • Student information can be made available to Authorized Users with legitimate educational interests without prior written consent of the student. Such information is not to be used for a purpose other than that for which it was collected unless the student has consented to the use of information for that other purpose.

Student Access to Student Records

  • Students have right to have access to their individual records subject to the terms of the relevant College policies in this regard.

Third Party Access to Student Records

  • ACK does not disclose information of student records to any unauthorized third party.
  • A student may authorize access to his/her records to third parties by signing a Student Release of Information Consent/Withdrawal Form (ACK.FO.VPAC.34.01) which specifies the information to be released, and to whom the information is released. Any request for disclosure and thereafter approval will be the sole responsibility of the student. In no event will ACK be liable for the disclosure of information if the Student Release of Information Consent/Withdrawal Form (ACK.FO.VPAC.34.01) is signed and submitted to ACK. Any requests to withdrawal the approval of a student disclosing information must be provided to ACK in writing.
  • Guardians of dependent students must sign and provide ACK with a written statement that identifies them as the guardians of the dependent student.
  • ACK may disclose information to a third party without prior consent in the following instances:
    • If the College, on reasonable grounds, deems the disclosure necessary to prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to the life or health of the student concerned or to the ACK community.
    • To the organizations funding the students ( such as PUC, MOD, and civil services).
    • To accrediting organizations for purposes related to ACK’s accreditation.
    • To any other party required by the State of Kuwait’s laws of the Kuwaiti Courts.

Management of Student Records

  • ACK has taken rigorous steps to ensure that all student records are:
    • Kept complete, accurate and up to date.
    • Protected from misuse and loss.
    • Protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.
    • Managed in accordance with ACK’s Student Record and Retention Policy (ACK. PL.AR.209) and Records Management Procedure (ACK.PR.QAA.05).


  • Disclosure: Means providing student information to another person or another organization outside of ACK.
  • Student: Refers to a student who is currently or previously enrolled in ACK or any applicant who has provided information to the College as part of the application process.
  • Third Party: Means any person or organization outside of ACK.
  • Authorized User: Refers to an ACK Staff or consultant with a demonstrated need related to his/her work functions or responsibilities for student information. An authorized user may also include representatives of government agencies, international partners and any other external party to whom ACK has a legal or contractual obligation to provide information.
  • Student Records (Student Information): Refers to all information that relates directly to a student and is maintained by the College. This includes but is not limited to :
    • Name
    • Telephone numbers
    • Address details
    • Date, place of Birth
    • Marital Status
    • Program of study
    • Awards and Scholarships
    • Participation in ACK activities
    • Grades and Transcripts
    • Statement of Physical or Learning Disabilities, supporting medical reports
    • Income information/financial Statements
    • Civil ID or any other forms of Identification
    • Financial aid records
    • Student’s class schedule


  • Student Release of Information Consent/Withdrawal Form (ACK.FO.VPAC.34.01)
  • Student / Guardian Declaration Form (ACK.FO.VPAC.34.02)

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