Successful Academic Audit for ACK Attained

Successful Academic Audit for ACK Attained

The Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) has accomplished a successful audit period conducted by its strategic partner Central Queensland University (CQU). The audit took place virtually from the 8 to November 11, 2021.

The objective of similar audit sessions is to maintain the quality of education and continually improve Colleges offerings and services, continuing to fulfill Kuwait’s Public Universities’ Council (PUC) requirements and guidelines for institutional accreditation, to ensure the comparability programs and modules between ACK and CQU, and at last to reinforce the partnership between both universities.

The session attended by CQU representatives led by: Mr. Alastair Dawson, Vice President Global Development; Ms. Priscilla Stevens-Guiney, Director – Office of the Vice President Global Development; Prof. Steven Hall, Dean – School of Engineering and Technology; Prof. Talal Yusaf, Adjunct Professor – School of Engineering and Technology; Prof. Anthony Weber – Deputy Dean (Learning & Teaching) School of Business and Law; Prof. Grant Stanley, Vice President – Research; Mr. Pavle Jeric, Deputy Director – Online Systems and Future Proofing Digital Services Directorate; Prof. Douglas Drury, Head of Aviation.

At the end of the audit, CQU compiled a list of commendations and recommendations for ACK. Among the commendations, ACK was praised for maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and provision of quality education throughout the COVID-19 period, with the auditors noting the College’s leadership in teaching and learning developments in working towards the highest quality of support during the pandemic. ACK was also commended on its progress towards building a stronger research culture, and for its commitment towards supporting the well-being of its staff and students.

As for the recommendations, among them were that ACK implements consistent learning and teaching models to assist in its transition back to on-campus face-to-face education, and that the College consider improving its technology platforms and resources to include features such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

ACK believes in the importance of audit sessions as a higher education institution for its continuous improvement and further develop its educational offerings and training services.