Teaching and Learning Center

Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) aims to collaborate with all the academic departments to promote an institutional culture that values effective teaching and meaningful learning.
At the TLC we aim to motivate students towards durable learning that extends beyond the short-term and into the long-term retention of information that remains with students after the final exam.
We achieve this through strong partnership between management, faculty and students, all administrative departments and communities, which is essential to quality education and student success.


To inspire teaching excellence, innovation and build future leaders within a culture of care.


To develop and improve a teaching and learning model that is focused on continuous improvement, highly valued by our students and our international partners and supported by research relevant to our applied curriculum.

Teaching & Learning Center Team

Rola Mourdaa – Manager
Email: r.mourdaa@ack.edu.kw
Ext: 4098

Treva Al –Dhahi – Officer
Email: t.aldhahi@ack.edu.kw
Ext: 4366

Mahsa Rahimi – Officer
Email: m.rahimi@ack.edu.kw
Ext: 4512