Communities of Practice

E-Learning Committee

To ensure successful implementation of strategies for e-learning, ACK assures effectively developed courses and adequately supported instructors. The E-learning Committee provides support, trainings and guidance for instructors, promotes best practices for the online teaching and learning, and encourages innovation for emerging technologies across all schools/ departments within ACK. Faculty can collaborate with the Committee in order to improve the programs and services provided by the College.


  1. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Niby
  2. Dr. Hassan Salti
  3. Mr. Mohamad Zaki
  4. Mrs. Hania AlKanj
  5. Dr. Mohamad Mabrok
  6. Dr. Ahmad Saad
  7. Dr. Mohammad Hany Yassin
  8. Mrs. Rola Mourdaa
  9. Ms. Dunia Hassoun

Academic Advising Committee

The Academic Advising Committee works to promote effective advising system by providing guidance and support to all the academic advisors within the College. The Committee conducts advising workshops and discussions to share critical issues, address areas of concerns related to the advising process, and update advisors on the current advising policies. The Academic Advising Committee aims to help and facilitate advisors’ task to ensure students’ smooth progression towards their graduation.


  1. Prof. Hussein Abdullah (Chairperson)
  2. Dr. Ehab Bani Hani
  3. Dr. Rasha Aljamal
  4. Ms. Dania El-Achmar
  5. Ms. Rupali Bhagat
  6. Mr. Christoforos Pasialakos
  7. Ms. Tasneem Hasan
  8. Mr. Hussain Al-Haddad
  9. Mr. Loay Al Hamad
  10. Ms. Rola Mourdaa