Teaching Excellence Award

ACK Teaching Excellence Award aims to recognize faculty members for excellence in teaching that enhances and contributes to the quality of teaching and learning at ACK, while serving the broader mission of the College, particularly to graduate life-long learners.

The award is intended to recognize faculty that:

  • Demonstrate teaching excellence.
  • Encourage the pursuit of such excellence.
  • Promote informed discussion of teaching and its improvement at ACK.

ACK Teaching Excellence Award Criteria

1. Approaches to teaching that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn.

  • Inspires and motivates students through effective communication and presentation of knowledge.
  • Fosters students to become independent and critical thinkers.
  • Uses technology to enhance engagement.
  • Connects course material to real world situations.
  • Maintains effective interpersonal skills when dealing with students.

2. Development of resources and evaluation processes that enhance teaching and learning

  • Implements, develops and adapts classroom activities and resources according to the learning styles and abilities of students.
  • Develops evaluation methods that accommodate the diverse student needs.
  • Assists and supports in the development of curricula.

3. Involvement in activities that influence and enhance teaching and learning

  • Attends and/or participates in professional development (conferences, seminars, workshops, research, etc.)
  • Stays well-informed of current issues/research within their field of expertise
  • Maintains memberships in relevant professional academic organizations

ACK Teaching Excellence Award 2017/2018 Nominees Video