Enayat Enaya
Math Dept.

“Physics is a beautiful mixture of art and science. It is a lifestyle that changes the way of living and provides answers to daily observed phenomena and encountered problems. It is a mindset that injects curiosity into our life and influences all other learning.” That’s how she describes her passion for physics. Ms. Enaya, a caring wife, a mother of six, a chemical engineer, and an innovative educator, who always took the extra mile to inspire her students and infect them with her energy. She believes that education is not about finding the solution, it’s about “forging the key.”

After many years in academics, Ms. Enaya believes that teaching is not a skill that is developed only with experience; it is rather an evidence-based art and science, highly based on up-to-date and best teaching practices and innovative instructional strategies. Her teaching revolves around the active engagement of students and challenging them to do their best and construct their knowledge. She is, moreover, an advocate of collaborative learning, who fosters learning through teamwork in order to prepare her students for the real world. She also believes in the importance of contextualizing her teaching by providing examples, analogies, and realistic problems. “I believe in the importance of introducing various activities in my classes in order to shift the students from being passive receivers of knowledge into active contributors to their learning,” she explains. For her, the key to success in education is by creating a safe and joyful atmosphere for learning and a culture of professional discussions, which encourages critical thinking and enhances creativity.

In addition to teaching itself, Enayat Enaya believes that the cycle of education would be incomplete without ensuring learning through reflection and feedback. She also takes her students’ feedback seriously, which, as she explained, is essential for improving the curricular learning outcomes, developing her teaching and helping her better achieve her mission as an educator.

Ms. Enaya’s passion for her field is evident to her students. When asked to describe her relationship with her students, she described it as a partnership, in which she is a facilitator, a guide, and a mentor. “I believe in student-centered education, where students deserve an individualized educational experience,” she elaborated. She sees teaching as a humane experience, in which caring is key, believing in what Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”