The Australian College of Kuwait Students at the Forefront of Research

The Australian College of Kuwait Students at the Forefront of Research

ACK has proudly celebrated the outstanding performance of its students who have successfully published 20 scientific research papers in scientific journals and 13 conference papers. In addition, they have also attended and participated in local and international conferences. There are many benefits for undergraduate students when engaged in research. Research experience helps undergraduate students to better recognize and decide on a career path. Through exposure to research as undergraduates, students realize their passion for research and go on to graduate studies and faculty positions.

Research with impact is a critical strategic pillar within ACK. The College has created an ecosystem that fosters research and development. Through focusing on the needs of the nation and engaging the community, the College was able to make an impact through its research.

Since 2015, ACK’s senior engineering students have published 33 scientific papers in the disciplines offered by the College: Mechanical, Civil, Petroleum and Electrical Engineering.

Through ACK’s student-centered approach that mixes theory with practical learning, students are able to think critically and analytically.

ACK has aligned its research and teaching to suit students’ development. The Project Based Learning pedagogy adopted by the College allows students to work in teams and/or individually to research an industry or business issue, then proceed to develop strategies, processes and products as solutions.

Students are also encouraged to become co-researchers with faculty on numerous research projects, allowing them to experience firsthand the translation of theoretical work into applied research.

Commenting on this success, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor Hussain Abdullah, stated: “Active engagement of students in the learning process is essential. At ACK, we engage students in meaningful discussions, encourage teamwork and integrate learning inside and outside the classroom. We prepare our students to become lifelong learners and give them the tools that will allow them to become resilient, adaptable and agile”.

From her end, ACK’s Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical) Alumna Eng. Mashael Al-Shemmary stated on her research experience as she worked on capstone project entitled “Design and Implementation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine on Highways” supervised by Dr. Ehab Bani-Hani “The project was interesting and unique in Kuwait, despite the challenges that we faced during various stages of the project, we felt proud when our work received recognition through its publication in an international journal. This achievement and the first-time experience in research and publications gave me the motivation to pursue my graduate studies and to start a career in an academic pathway”.

Dr. Ehab, a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department, was proud of his students’ achievements. A total number of 8 journal papers were published in international journals related to capstone projects.