The Australian College of Kuwait Students Awarded at Huawei Regional ICT Competition

The Australian College of Kuwait Students Awarded at Huawei Regional ICT Competition

Two members from ACK represented Kuwait within the team who competed at the Regional Huawei Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Competition, which ended by awarding them with the “Outstanding Performance” Award. ACK was also granted the “Excellent Academy” Award by Huawei among all participating Universities from Kuwait for the third year in a row.

The Huawei ICT Skill Competition is an annual competition held since 2017 where participants compete to showcase their skills in Information and Communications Technology. The competition is held on various national and international levels, and participants from ACK competed in the preliminary, national and regional levels.

Sixty participants in total from ACK participated in the preliminary competition, and 9 out of the 20 participants who qualified for the national competition were from ACK. From the national competition, the top 3 participants qualified to represent Kuwait in the regional competition with two of them being from ACK; the qualifying participants were Eng. Emad Kebeish, ACK Alumnus from the Petroleum Engineering Department, and Hassan Yaqout, ACK Electrical and Electronics Engineering Diploma student.

The Kuwait Team competed in the regional competition under the supervision of Eng. Mohammad Zaki, Senior Instructor of Electrical Engineering at ACK, against 12 other teams representing different countries from the Middle East Region.

Eng. Zaki, commenting on this achievement, expressed his pride in ACK’s students and alumni who participated in this competition, highlighting that although ACK does not offer a major in computer engineering or information technology, participants from ACK have still repeatedly reached the final stages of the competition for the past 3 years.

Eng. Zaki added: “We always try to focus on helping our students and let them enjoy what they are doing; instead of just trying to put the pressure on winning the competition, we believe that if they enjoy what they are doing, they will learn and excel by default.”

ACK management would like to thank Huawei for giving their students such a great opportunity to compete nationwide and internationally, and would like to thank all students who participated for their great efforts. In addition, ACK would also like thank Dr. Mohammed Abdul Niby - Dean of the School of Engineering and Dr. Hassan Salti, Head of Electrical Engineering at ACK, and Eng. Mohammad Zaki for their efforts with regards to the competition.