Traffic and Parking Procedure

Traffic and Parking Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to identify the steps that ACK Students, Staff and Visitors should follow when driving and parking vehicles inside ACK campus. In order to Maintain a safe, orderly flow of traffic and provide equitable parking arrangements.


This procedure applies to all ACK students, staff, and visitors.



  • Security staff members control the traffic flow and vehicle movement and parking in campus along with security, in order to maintain this procedure.
  • Senior Manager- Security may move any vehicle parked on ACK for reasons of safety, security and access to facilities.
  • In case of any Accident or Illegal act ACK security staff members shall inform Senior Manager- Security and further to the Police in order to process insurance claims settle disputes.

Responsibilities of Drivers

  • Drive in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Drive in such a way as to comply with the traffic and road laws as they apply in Kuwait.
  • Comply with the directions of Officers of ACK appointed Securities.
  • Comply with the directions displayed on traffic and parking signs.
  • All the drivers shall not exceed their speed limit more than 20kmh in ACK Campus.
  • Horns shall not be used on ACK campus by all drivers unless required.


  • ACK Senior Manager- Security shall designate areas within the ACK grounds in which the parking of vehicles is permitted and shall determine each such area to be for one or more of the following purposes:
    • General parking, staff, students and visitors;
    • Parking of ACK vehicles only;
    • Parking of staff vehicles only;
    • Parking of visitors vehicles only;
    • Parking of motor cycles only;
    • Parking of vehicles other than motor vehicles;
    • Special purpose VIP parking;
    • Special needs parking area;
    • Loadings and off loadings.
  • Senior Manager- Security shall prepare a plan specifying the parking areas designated and the purposes as determined under Clause 3.3 and shall cause that plan to be displayed on signs at ACK campus.
  • The Senior Manager- Security, may make variations or additions to areas designated under Clause 3.3.
  • A driver shall park a vehicle only in an area designated under Clause 3.3 and in accordance with the specific purpose for which the area has been designated.
  • A driver shall not park a vehicle on ACK grounds overnight or for an unbroken period in excess of one overnight consecutive day without having first obtained the approval in writing from the Senior Manager- Security.
  • Staff and student drivers must prominently display the class of permit with the current year on any vehicle under their control parked in ACK designated parking areas.
  • The holder of a permit is guilty of an offence against these rules if that holder contravenes, or fails to comply with, a condition to which the permit is subject.
  • Vehicles parked in the area designated as the Visitor Parking Area must display a current Visitor Parking Permit.
  • In case of parking vehicles on the road filaments and in unauthorized areas ACK Security Officer shall report a written notice to the driver as per ACK Staff Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.HR.15) and Student Code of Conduct Policy & Procedure (ACK.PLR.SA.01).





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