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Aviation Maintenance Engineering Courses

As ACK are an Approved Part/CAR-147 Maintenance Training Organisation, all of our Part/CAR-66 courses are examined in-house, and the initial exam fees are always included in the prices quoted.

New update EASA examination schedule for Spring 2019

Our current Private Universities Council (PUC) approvals are for the delivery of:


EASA Part-66 Category (B1.1) Basic Training Courses

Mechanical B1.1


DGCA KCASR1 Part-66 Category Mechanical (B1.1) Basic Training Course


CAR-66 Category Mechanical (B1.1) Basic Training Course

Why study at ACK?

  • Local students from Kuwait can study from home
  • Regional students can study in Kuwait:
    • from Sundays to Thursdays and be at home on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Much cheaper option than studying abroad
  • Excellent pass rates on all courses
  • Highly qualified technical instructors
  • State of the art training facility
  • Flexible and customer orientated approach

Note:  If you are unsure of which course you should be booking or would like any general advice, please contact our admissions & registration team or our Aviation Department, by email or phone.

Approved Part-147 Maintenance Training Organization


Part/CAR-66 regulations defines the requirements concerning the knowledge, qualifications and experience of personnel, who carry out aeronautical maintenance and each certified person, must have the appropriate license.

EASA Part-66 defines the following categories of Certifying Staff:

  • A   -  Maintenance Certifying Mechanic
  • B1 -  Maintenance Certifying Technician (Mechanical)
  • B2 -  Maintenance Certifying Technician (Avionics)
  • B3 -  Maintenance Certifying Technician (Mechanical)
  • C   -  Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer

GCAA CAR-66 defines the following categories of Certifying Staff:

  • A   -  Maintenance Certifying Mechanic
  • B1 -  Maintenance Certifying Technician (Mechanical)
  • B2 -  Maintenance Certifying Technician (Avionics)
  • C   -  Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer

Note: Please take into account that with all of these licences, it is not just a matter of attending a course and you get the licence; you also need to provide proof that you have completed the required amount of work experience within an Part/CAR-145 approved maintenance organization or equivalent.

Experience requirements are available via Part/CAR-66 by clicking here.

Approved Part/CAR-66 examinations have a 10 year shelf life and you can study at your own pace, but please remember that within this time you also need to gain your experience and at least 6 months of the experience must be gained within the last 12 months, before you apply for your licence.


Part/CAR-147 describes the training standards that an organization has to achieve, in order to be approved to deliver training and examinations against Part/CAR-66.

The Part/CAR-147 regulation defines the requirements concerning:

  • The organization of the Training Centre (human resources, equipment, etc.)
  • The training and examination procedures.
  • The quality system procedures.

All the training organization specifications are recorded in the MTOE (Maintenance Training Organization Exposition).

This regulation applies to all maintenance personnel training centres.

ACK as a Part/CAR-147 approved training organization is authorized to carry out basic training, type qualification and the corresponding examinations (when included in its scope of activity).

Part/CAR-147 Approved Basic Training Course

The basic aeronautical training delivered at a Part/CAR-147 approved maintenance training organization includes:

  • A theory part (Part/CAR-66)
  • A practical part consisting of two parts:
    • Part/CAR-145 (Basic operational work experience)
    • Part/CAR-147 (Basic practical skills)

At the end of the training course, students will be awarded with their relevant Diplomas and Certificates of Recognition.

In this case, they will be able to work towards gaining a Part/CAR-66 license, if they also do an aircraft-type qualification and acquire professional experience, for both the aircraft and the engine.

ACK as a Part/CAR-147 approved training organization welcomes students / clients from the local community and regional community.

Be assured that you are guaranteed training of an international standard.

Part/CAR-66 Category B1.1 Licence

The Part/CAR-66 definition of the CAT B1.1 Licence and modules are as follows:

    • CAT B1.1 Licence:  Permits the holder to issue certifications of release to service following maintenance, including aircraft structure, power plants and mechanical and electrical systems. Authorisation to replace avionic LRU’s requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability is also permitted. Category B1.1 staff can qualify for any “A” sub category as can any avionic mechanic, subject to compliance with the appropriate “A” sub category requirements.
    • The knowledge requirements for the Category B1.1 maintenance licence are structured into modules, as per the table below.

B1.1 - Course Structure

Module ​Description
​M 1 ​Mathematics
​M 2 ​Physics
​M 3 ​Electrical fundamentals
​M 4 ​Electronic fundamentals
​M 5 ​Digital techniques
​M 6 ​Materials and hardware
​M 7 ​Maintenance practices
​​M 7 ​Essay 1
​​​M 7 ​Essay 2
​M 8 ​Aerodynamics
​M 9 ​Human factors
​​M 9 ​Essay 1
​​M 10 ​Aviation legislation
​​M 10 ​Essay 1
​​M 11a ​Aeroplanes aerodynamics, structures & systems
​​M 15 ​Gas turbine engines
​​M 17 ​Propellers